Lola Meets Nile Rodgers!

SUCH A THRILL!!!! Last night one of the greatest music legends, NILE RODGERS came to my Dreamland  Disco party to “check out the vibe!” 

I’m a huge fan. Prior to his visit I’ve talked many times about trying to get him to come to one of my events…. But I had no connections to this mega celebrity. Then, out of the blue, we received a call from his manager saying that he’d like to “check out the vibe at Dreamland” and meet us! 

Since that call I’ve been OVER THE MOON with excitement and anticipation (and nervousness) about hosting this incredible artist I admire so enormously. I’ve been listing to his band, Chic, and a playlist of all the hits he wrote, produced and played on like Dianna Ross- Upside down, I’m coming out, Madonna- Like a Virgin, Material Girl, David Bowie- Let’s Dance, B52s- Love Shack, Sister Sledge- We are Family, Daft Punk- Get Lucky….. and the list of mega hits goes in and on and on. 

But the reason I so admire Nile Rodgers goes far beyond his brilliant musical artistry. I saw him perform live with Chic a few years ago at Barclays Center. While onstage he told the story of how he was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal cancer. The doctor told him he only had one month to live and that he should go home, get his affairs in order and prepare to die. Instead he went home and wrote one of the biggest hits of his lifetime, Get Lucky. This song is full of positivity, love and good vibes. It’s incredible to me that he had the strength of spirit to rise above and write such a song. And he overcame the cancer. It returned years later & he beat it again! I’ve retold this story a million times. Sometimes I’ll tell it to random guests at my shop when Get Lucky comes on the Lola star Coney Island playlist. 

If I could choose a handful of people that I would most love to come to my party he would be up at the top. And HE sought ME and my party out. This is truly such a mind blowing thrill!